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Broken Britain is Progressing

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Although the nation may not be showing too many signs of progressing, the same cannot be said for my new book.

Following the success of ‘Imperial Airways: The Birth of the British Airline Industry 1914-1940′ published in October 2010 by Ian Allan, this time I have altered track to write about another of my interests; politics in a social history context. The new book currently has a working title ‘BROKEN BRITAIN IN THE 21st CENTURY – The First Decade’ although this may subsequently change. The manuscript is well on the way to completion and I will soon be looking for an agent to assist me with finding a suitable publisher.

I have also launched a brand new blog to solicit comments on subjects readers may feel should be discussed in the book.  I do hope you will join me in discussing the major issues such as the NHS, the running of the railways, criminal justice, education, defence as well as some of the minor irritations that are affecting our lives.

We Must Give the Alliance a Chance

In Government, Politics, Social History, State of the Nation on 14 May 2010 at 08:49

The coalition between David Cameron and Nick Clegg may not be what everyone wants but under the circumstances of a hung parliament it is probably the best alternative to a Conservative government that could not have survived long without a majority. Of course it is a compromise; but so is life in most respects, but if it leads to a better Britain we have to accept this.

I am confident that Cameron and Clegg can make things work but they need to be given the time, the support and the encouragement and party differences must be put aside and the sniping has to stop. They are both young and dynamic leaders and the coalition might just be the right answer to a total reformation of the old system of government that has been dragging us down for so long. Put it this way; if they cannot agree over their different policies they will not make it work and it will be extremely damaging to both parties and the electorate will lose even more confidence in British politics. This is a huge opportunity for reform, but the sceptics should pipe down and give the new government the opportunity to implement the changes that are necessary to start this country back on the road to recovery. We all know that it is going to be tough, but we have to accept this if we are to recover from the dire mess that Labour got us into. It is a moment of truth but I think David and Nick can carry pull it off, providing they have the backing of the country. I hope I am not proved wrong.

Clegg Holds the Key

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So, the outcome of the election has been as expected and we are in a hung parliament situation; the first since 1974. This looks unlikely to be helpful to the electorate who, in the main, registered a vote of no confidence in the Labour Government and it emphasises just how ludicrous our electoral system is. I can’t see Gordon Brown wanting to stand down gracefully; it is not in his make-up. One thing for sure is that Nick Clegg is now holding the trump card despite disappointing results for the Liberal Democrats. The key question is whether or not he wants to form a liaison with Labour? The outcome is not an easy one to predict and the talk around Westminster this morning seems to predict another general election sooner rather than later, possibly before the end of the year. Read the rest of this entry »

Mighty Gaffe Exposes Brown’s Contempt for the Public

In Politics, Social History on 29 April 2010 at 11:08

Gordon Brown may be remembered for committing one of the greatest gaffes in modern political history when he referred to a Rochdale woman Gillian Duffy as a ‘bigoted woman’ yesterday. The 65-year old widow had been introduced to Brown during a pre-election campaigning visit to the town. As this occurred on the eve of the final live Leaders’ debate this could prove to be critical for the PM. Read the rest of this entry »