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Is British Telecom’s Customer Service the Worst in the Country?

In British Telecom, State of the Nation on 27 July 2010 at 17:35

Why is the Customer Services function at BT so incapable of responding to basic customer complaints? I guess it is because they are too large, too impersonal and really aren’t interested in their customers. After all, they will always retain the upper hand and will cut you off if you refuse to pay charges that you do not accept as genuine.

These days I seldom visit my office as I have no need unless I am meeting with a client. But as face-to-face meetings  have become less likely I tend to use the telephone or emails because it is usually more convenient for all concerned.  I opted a long time ago to use BT’s Call Diversion feature to re-direct my incoming calls to my answer service.  Six months ago I reviewed the number of calls I was being charged by BT against those that had been electronically logged by my answer service. Should I have been surprised that the totals were wildly different?  My ‘service’ had logged 68 incoming calls; BT had charged me for 304! It appears that something is quite wrong somewhere although BT has, thus far, refused to discuss the matter.  Naturally errors always seem to be in BT’s favour and although the cost involved wasn’t that much it is the principle that matters. Read the rest of this entry »