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I am not a religious person but I was amazed at a story the great actor Brian Blessed related to interviewer Fern Cotton on BBC1 this morning (18 December). Blessed told of a private meeting he had with the Dalai Lama who told by him that he knew his brother was very ill and was to ‘pass on’ very soon. His Holiness explained to Blessed not to worry because he would be taken care of and he would be re-incarnated and be reborn at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Blessed visited the address that the Dalai Lama had given him in Canada some time later and was surprised to meet a young boy who, he  recognised as his brother as he knew him when he was a young lad in looks and mannerisms.

This is a fantastic story but because it was being told in Brian Blessed’s particular way, there is absolutely no reason to doubt his belief in the authenticity of the tale.

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