Mighty Gaffe Exposes Brown’s Contempt for the Public

In Politics, Social History on 29 April 2010 at 11:08

Gordon Brown may be remembered for committing one of the greatest gaffes in modern political history when he referred to a Rochdale woman Gillian Duffy as a ‘bigoted woman’ yesterday. The 65-year old widow had been introduced to Brown during a pre-election campaigning visit to the town. As this occurred on the eve of the final live Leaders’ debate this could prove to be critical for the PM.

Mrs Duffy asked Mr Brown a number of questions, including one about immigration, that the Prime Minister appeared to answered quite well. However, when Brown got back into his Jaguar he was unaware that his radio microphone was still switched on as he angrily rebuked his staff for allowing Mrs Duffy access to him. The exchange between Brown and Mrs Duffy had appeared perfectly reasonable and the lady was only posing questions the public wanted answering. Brown obviously though otherwise and once he thought the media was out of earshot lost his temper. Mrs Duffy’s quizzing of the PM had not been in the least ‘bigoted’ but Brown, unable to escape from the evidence of his inappropriate accusation turned the blame on a member of his staff for exposing him to Mrs Duffy and then tried to lessen his remarks by claiming he had misheard the lady’s question on immigration. The incident was a disgraceful episode that merely confirmed a general feeling of many that politicians view members of the public with utter contempt. It also exposed a poor personality trait in Gordon Brown that will hardly help to quell recent accusations that he regularly loses his temper and bullies his staff.

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